ln 2010 Modalle was founded, from our passion for furniture came the desire to be a reference in the living area. Each of our furniture carries a piece of us and says more about experiences than about objects: we think about how our furniture provides our customers quality of life. We work exclusively with renowned designers who guarantee innovations and anticipation of trends in the world of decor, master craftsmen and a dedicated team, who combine technology and luxury crafts in the design of furniture for indoor and outdoor areas that set Modalle with a strong national and international profile. Headquartered in Votuporanga, in the in the countryside of São Paulo, we have representation of our products throughout Brazil and Mercosul.


Ibanez Razzera

Ibanez Razzera, architect and designer, knows how to transform materials into real works of art like no one else. He graduated from Unisinos and since 2008 works with innovation and repositioning processes for companies. His creations are recognized throughout the national scene, draw attention for their elegance, beauty and super- sophisticated design; pieces that, above applicability, define a concept, a lifestyle, transform everyday life and shape the world of ideas.