By taking looms as the new blank canvas, by Kamy looks to the future without leaving the legacy of its past, transforming dreams and projects into plots that tell stories. Combining expert knowledge about weaving with innovative DNA, elements that crossed generations of Kamyar Abrarpour’s family in lran, by Kamy became a manufacturer of its own rugs and, 34 years later, is the most important rug brand in Brazil. 


Regina Silveira

Regina Silveira’s artistic research questions the orthodox, preestablished forms of representation, leading her to work with new possibilities of signification. Her works explore the architectural and contextual space, generally evoking a sense of uncanniness through the displacement of the commonplace, that is, our common references. Regina Silveira is known for her research into the principles of perspective, tridimensionality, and the study of shadows, which she employs in large site-specific installations, vinyl cutouts, luminous projections, works in printmaking, embroidery, porcelain, digital videos, etc.